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Yesterday afternoon our team achieved an important victory against Colón FC. The Lions won by 3 points against 1 leaving the series open thinking about remaining in the Second Professional Division of Uruguayan Soccer. El Pionero formed with Washington Ortega, Federico Velázquez, Tabaré Da Cunha, Juan Fiore, Lucas Ruiz, Gonzalo Bazallo, Christian Yeladián, Nicolás Brun, Pablo González, Cesar Taján and Facundo Godoy.

The goals were converted by Facundo Godoy and Cesar Taján on two occasions.

At 39 minutes into the first half, Facundo Godoy rose in the area and scored the first goal, a header that left Colón's goalkeeper without issue. The goal cry resounded in the stadium, due to the result and the work that Facu has been doing at the club, moving up from training to first, complying with the stages of the Youth process. In the complement after a run by our striker Cesar Taján, the second goal came after receiving a pass from Pablo González and leaving two defenders on the road to define with a powerful shot that got into the upper left corner of the goal. Minutes later Cesar, taking advantage of an error by the defense, took the ball to face the goalkeeper, avoid him and thus score the third goal and give us the peace of mind of the result.

In the second half Darlin Gayol made variations, Luciano Urán, Federico Viotti and Martín Hernandez entered the playing field. The series is still open and Albion hit first. Tomorrow the squad will train again thinking about the important second leg. Let's go Lions.

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